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117 Display volume when changing volume
Would like server to show some sort of On Screen Display when it chang...
Server  |  juli 05 at 6:55
14 Server-Side Execute-on-Connect
The ability to execute an application or script when the client connec...
Server  |  juli 10 at 23:39
145 Android Server
An android version of the server or some kind of app to control one an...
Server  |  augusti 08 at 19:24
25 Support IR Infrared emitter on Server to control other Audio/Video equipment [See USB-Uirt]
It should be possible to send Infrared signals from server (of course ...
Server  |  september 18 at 13:41
11 "Trackball" like mouse movement.
to work more efficient, with the mouse, it would be nice if the mouse ...
Server  |  september 26 at 20:08
20 Silent update
Update the server silently and in the background instead of having a p...
Server  |  oktober 01 at 6:32
36 USB remote
The ability to use unified remote through a USB connection, as opposed...
Server  |  oktober 09 at 4:27
8 Support for Office 2003 (especially for PowerPoint Advanced Remote)
As I learned from support PowerPoint 2003 is not supported so I am req...
Server  |  50m ago
11 Make the installer to restart Unified remote server
Hi! I've got some problems when there is a update to download/install...
Server  |  oktober 10 at 19:57
12 Please support other directories for storage of custom remotes
Right not the custom remotes are read from a directory under \Program ...
Server  |  oktober 23 at 23:01
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