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11 Create homescreen shortcut to specific Start Menu Item
I want a 1-click icon that will launch any specific application on my ...
Remote  |  juni 17 at 3:41
53 IR - Universal Remote
Add ability to control other devices. Plug in a USB IR transimtter and...
Remote  |  juni 18 at 19:35
9 Arcsoft Totalmedia Theatre 5
Hi Would like a nice remote for this mediaplayer. Many thanks in a...
Remote  |  juni 19 at 15:13
45 Gom Player
You guys should add Gom Player remote!
Remote  |  juni 22 at 22:13
28 Last.FM Remote
I'd love a remote to control the LastFM-Scrobbler/Player on my PC! It ...
Remote  |  juni 22 at 22:19
6 Add "Volume up/down/mute" into Slide Show Remote
Add "Volume up/down/mute" from Media into slide show remote. More conv...
Remote  |  juni 24 at 4:26
83 Daum PotPlayer
Daum PotPlayer
Remote  |  juni 25 at 3:19
15 switch audio device
To be able to switch between audio out devices. At home I have differe...
Remote  |  49m ago
4 Voddler
Native support for Voddler instead of having to use the mouse or keybo...
Remote  |  juni 30 at 10:40
35 PowerDVD
Please add remote for PowerDVD
Remote  |  juni 30 at 11:49
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