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0 NFC on Windows 8 mobile!
We need to NFC action as per Android on Windows mobiles...
App  |  november 13 at 15:31
65 "Alt+TAB" function
"Alt+TAB" function in the hardware volume keys to enable switching bet...
Remote  |  augusti 01 at 16:45
0 "Multi-remote" function for tablets
Have two different remotes on one screen on tablets in horizontal mode...
App  |  januari 12 at 0:13
11 "Trackball" like mouse movement.
to work more efficient, with the mouse, it would be nice if the mouse ...
Server  |  september 26 at 20:08
0 ;
Server  |  juli 21 at 4:40
0 4.2 Lockscreen
As of 4.2 widgets can now be added to the lock screen. If UR can imple...
App  |  januari 12 at 9:50
0 4Iphone4
I have been a fan of this app on android and windows, please please pl...
App  |  december 26 at 4:56
0 8 tracks remote, similar to Pandora remote
The Pandora remote works awesome, it would be cool if there was one fo...
Remote  |  september 29 at 18:14
0 A change in how Spotify Advanced loads playlists
Personally, I'd like to see the Spotify Adv. remote loading playlists ...
Remote  |  mars 13 at 18:08
0 A few suggestions
A much more detailed and better guide needed!! I want to create a cust...
Other  |  januari 09 at 20:21
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