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0 add feature to wake windows from locked screen
this would be a great feature. the wake on lan feature works great. It...
Remote  |  37m ago
0 Winamp Control
Would like to see a Control for Winamp.
Remote  |  november 24 at 4:58
0 Choose server for each Action (especially for @ir)
In "Pure Data" I can send data directly to an IP address and a specifi...
Remote  |  18m ago
0 webcam
It would be awesome to turn on the computers webcam or webcams and vie...
Remote  |  november 21 at 9:38
0 Samsung ir
Please add samsung ir learning function
Remote  |  november 17 at 14:42
0 SlingPlayer/SlingBox
A remote that will control SlingPlayer for SlingBox. There just aren'...
Remote  |  november 16 at 7:06
0 Gamepad
The ability to use your smartphone screen as a game-pad. Configurable ...
Remote  |  november 13 at 22:43
0 Multiple monitor support for Monitor Remote
Is it possible to have a remote that can shut off one monitor but leav...
Remote  |  november 09 at 22:29
0 Remote for Logitech Squeezbox
Logitech Squeezebox has an own app:
Remote  |  november 06 at 18:27
0 Samsung note 3
The Samsung note 3 has IR capabilities, can you add that as one of the...
Remote  |  november 06 at 1:02
0 TV Home Media 3
TV Home Media 3 by vctsby03 This custom remote allows users to cont...
Remote  |  november 04 at 18:54
0 Chinese Keyboard
A mixed traditional and simplified Chinese keyboard. So one can type t...
Remote  |  8m ago
0 TV Remote from Device
Custom IR didn't detect IR Blaster already on tablet.
Remote  |  november 02 at 19:01
0 Open .lnk files in the file manager
I have a laptop in one room that I connect to a TV to play videos. I l...
Remote  |  november 02 at 7:45
0 Viewing of the desktop
Please add a feature where you can view the desktop and control the pc
Remote  |  oktober 29 at 21:51
0 Aereo
Like to see Aereo remote.
Remote  |  oktober 27 at 21:52
0 windows remote mixer
Remote access to windows mixer for change the single app volume
Remote  |  oktober 26 at 15:34
0 switch default audio device headphones/speakers .
What the title say
Remote  |  oktober 26 at 15:33
0 play from device
Allow to be able to stream music and media from the remote device's in...
Remote  |  oktober 26 at 12:26
0 Filmon
Could you please make a remote for filmon town change channels and con...
Remote  |  oktober 25 at 0:36
0 HDMI dbt set top box
Can record live TV
Remote  |  oktober 24 at 19:07
Control for set top box, HDMI dbt
Remote  |  oktober 24 at 18:48
Control for set top box, HDMI dbt
Remote  |  oktober 24 at 18:46
0 WMC / MCE Remote
Fullblown remote with all buttons as on the original MCE remote
Remote  |  oktober 13 at 17:19
0 pandora
Need thumbs
Remote  |  oktober 10 at 2:38
0 Windows Media Center No fast forward or reverse
I'm new but did search for my answer. I have ben using a Gyration rem...
Remote  |  oktober 08 at 18:08
0 IR blaster support for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
I would like to be able to use the built in IR blaster of my samsung g...
Remote  |  oktober 04 at 20:33
0 Remote For Maxthon Web Browser
I'm in need of a remote for Maxthon Browser. Please add this. :) Thank...
Remote  |  oktober 04 at 0:39
0 File Manager open folder shortcut cut on device instead of computer
Currently clicking on a folder shortcut in File Manager opens the fold...
Remote  |  oktober 03 at 3:57
0 Add Media Player Classic position bar
Add Media Player Classic position bar. It's a very useful feature and ...
Remote  |  september 30 at 6:07
0 8 tracks remote, similar to Pandora remote
The Pandora remote works awesome, it would be cool if there was one fo...
Remote  |  september 29 at 18:14
0 Powerpoint Advanced
Ability to set the alignment to any other than center. Ex. left.
Remote  |  september 28 at 8:58
0 Solidworks 3D mouse
It would be awesome if I don't have to buy a very expensive 3D mouse, ...
Remote  |  september 24 at 14:58
0 TVHome Media 3 (tv tunner gadmei usb stick utv 380), if can universal for all type gadmei
Conversation started August 9 8/9, 9:34pm Vincent Gunawan Greetin...
Remote  |  september 24 at 11:26
0 Timed Shutdown
The shutdown button should have a timer so we can choose in how much t...
Remote  |  september 22 at 20:25
0 Clipboard Sharing
Transfer Server Clipboard (Windows) from the Server to the Client (And...
Remote  |  september 22 at 12:37
0 Fast Forward / Rewind buttons on Windows Media Center remote
I would like to see these buttons on the Windows Media Center remote.
Remote  |  september 19 at 21:51
0 Custom icons and colors for custom remotes
These should be accessible by widgets as well. My issue now is that I ...
Remote  |  september 17 at 8:38
0 Computer Change Resolution
Allow the Remote app, change the resolution on the computer, or even m...
Remote  |  september 15 at 23:34
i wonder if you guys thought of this... now and then i play games o...
Remote  |  september 10 at 14:59
0 File List for Winamp
Just the list of songs that you would normally see so you can directly...
Remote  |  september 08 at 1:51
0 Progress bar for Media PLayer Classic
This is one of those bars that show you how far you are through whatev...
Remote  |  september 08 at 1:49
0 Jump Fwd/Back for Media Player Classic
The current forward and rewind buttons speed up or slow down the play ...
Remote  |  september 08 at 1:49
0 IR Blaster
When I click learn and hit the buttons on my remote it doesn't learn t...
Remote  |  augusti 31 at 3:10
0 SMPlayer Remote
Hi guys, Love the app, always use it while MCing parties. I jave s...
Remote  |  augusti 22 at 3:52
0 Wife
to be able to control my wife with the app!
Remote  |  augusti 20 at 2:34
0 Joystick
Controlled by accelerometer and gyroscope, with several buttons and th...
Remote  |  49m ago
0 Plex Media Center/Player remote
My family uses a myriad of devices wp7/wp8, win7/win8, Android ICS/JB ...
Remote  |  augusti 07 at 16:57
0 Touchpad and Markup Buttons in Powerpoint Remote
On the remote, I am able to use Next / Previous / Black / While / Lis...
Remote  |  augusti 07 at 9:21
0 playlater
A remote for playlater would be nice
Remote  |  augusti 02 at 3:40
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